Committees at Morton United Methodist Church

Our church is structured so that the congregation has a say in how the church is run. We do this through several different committees. This give everyone the opportunity to use their God-given gifts in different ways. Below  you will find a list of the different committees you can be a part of!

Administration Committee

Ad Board helps with making big and small decisions for the church regarding anything with administration.

Trustee Committee

Trustees Committee helps with keeping our building in good condition and working order.

Finance Committee

Finance Committee deals with the church finances and donations.

Staff Parish Relations Committee

Staff Parish Relations is the medium between staff members and the rest of the church.

Communication Committee

Communications Committee handles the church communications - from phone calls to mail outs to social media presence.

Caring Ministries Committee

Caring ministries is responsible for hospital visitation, homebound, nursing home, and assisted living visitation, meal provision for new mothers or members recovering from illness or injury, transportation, Communication through cards and phone calls, and service of in home communion. 

Prayer and Care Committee

Prayer and Care Committee keeps track of member's prayer requests and prays for them daily.

Worship Committee

Worship committee helps make sure that each service we have runs smoothly.